About Me

I interviewed writer Rabih Alameddine about his seminar series, How to Read Like a Writer. Check it out at TheShipmanAgency.com

I grew up working at my family's motel in upstate New York, dreaming of the day when I could get out into the world and work with words.


For the past fifteen years I've been doing just that: I started my career in book publishing, earned an MFA in creative writing, and then spent five years in the nonprofit world, promoting literature and working on one of the most prestigious literary award programs in the country. During that time I specialized in writing for the web, managing social media, and creating promotional materials, as well as co-planning one of the largest literary events in New York City. To see my resume, please click here.


I have since transitioned from the office building to the home office and now work as a freelance writer and editor in addition to caring for my young son. I have edited a wide range of materials over the years, from book manuscripts to dissertations, and I've also worked as a consultant in various capacities, from marketing to event planning. For more information about the editorial services I offer, please click here.


As for my own writing, I am at work on my first novel, based on my motel childhood. For links to some of my published work, please click here.


In addition to writing and editing (and reading, of course), I love eco-friendliness, animals, bargain hunting, and yoga. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, son, and pet rabbit.


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